Gallas Label and Decal

Why Go Green? Why Gallas?

No one wants to be responsible for messing up the planet! At Gallas, providing eco-friendly products and processes are priorities. Like you, we’re proud to offer affordable and practical innovations that help preserve our environment—and help you leverage the advantages. One of these advantages lies in the benefits our SensoTec auto registration technology offers. The system reduces waste by up to 50% during set-up and through the run making it extremely eco-friendly.

You work to obtain recyclable packaging, so let your labels reflect the same commitment. Budget issues, market trends and the limitations of technology can be obstacles. Even so, when you work with Gallas, you can feel good about collaborating with a label printer who makes green options available and has compatible values. It’s that simple.

During your decision process, keep in mind that:

  • Consumers favor green products
  • We can help minimize potential factors that compromise your brand’s look
  • Green label stocks and inks are eco-friendly.

We can help you determine to what extent green initiatives make sense for your business. Let’s talk and work toward printing, “Eco-friendly!” on your labels.

Material: Natural Recycled Content Kraft
Colors: PMS 2925 + White + UV Varnish
Market: Food


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