Gallas Label and Decal

The Gallas Mission & Values

Gallas Mission

The Gallas Mission identifies the people we serve, what we offer, and how we achieve success. The Gallas Mission is an internal document to guide us to make business decisions that are synchronized and drive us toward a common goal.

     We serve people who use label print communication

     to position their products or services in smart, high-value solutions,

     by leveraging our attention to quality, service, and our  ability to think creatively.

Gallas Values

Our Gallas Brand Values guide us to CRAFT exceptional printed labels for our clients and shape how we relate and respond as a team.

Care. We care about our work, the people we work for and the people we work with.
Responsiveness. We respond immediately and thoughtfully to every situation.
Attitude. We approach everything we do with a smile and a positive attitude.
Forthrightness. We interact with clients on a direct, honest and up-front basis.
Teamwork. We is better than me.


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