Gallas Label and Decal

Durable Labels Take a Beating and Keep on Sticking

Moisture? Abrasion? Chemicals? Some applications test your label’s staying power. At Gallas, our durable labels withstand the abuse of demanding environments. We even test adhesion on your product in our lab. Printed on a variety of industrial grade films, durable labels also host additional enhancements.

If you’re confused about a custom application, just ask us. That’s what we’re here for!



Materials: Brushed Silver Polyester +
Clear Polyester Laminate
Colors: PMS 185 + Black
Market: Industrial




Material: White Vinyl
Colors: PMS 355-485 + Black
Market: Construction






Materials: White Vinyl + Anti-Skid Laminate
Colors: PMS 632 + Black
Market: Safety/Point-of-Purchase (POP)






Material: Clear Conform Vinyl
Colors: PMS 201 + Black + White
Market: Sporting


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