Gallas Label and Decal

Braille/Tactile—for a Feel of Vision

Make your products user-friendly for the visually challenged with Braille and raised characters. This sizeable market includes approximately 10 million people in the U.S. and 7 million people in Europe. People who are blind read Braille by tracing the pattern of solid, raised dots with their fingers. The dots can be applied with our UV rotary, screen printing process.

Screen Printing Braille with Specialized Screen Printing Plates

We use specialized screen printing plates that were developed especially for Braille. This screen printing plate features a strong, raised photopolymer layer for dots up to 260 microns. The special transparent varnish coating is cured under UV rays. The Braille prints directly onto the label without changing the layout. The dots and symbols adhere extremely well to the substrate. These screen plates make it easy for the blind and partially sighted to “read” the message.

UV Screen Printing vs. Embossing

Rotary screen printing complements embossing. To some extent, embossing compromises either functionality or quality. If the embossing is too high, bursting may occur, which compromises the tactile quality. If using a short-fiber card, dots can burst at the low embossing height.

When you want your message to reach those who have limited vision, hear what Gallas can offer.


Material: Clear Polypropylene
Color: UV Rotary Screen Tactile Varnish
Market: Safety







Material: Clear Polyester
Color: UV Rotary Screen Tactile Varnish
Market: Safety






Rotary screen unit setup for Braille printing.


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