Gallas Label and Decal

Evolving to Eco-Friendly Labeling

When sales show you’re doing everything right, change is challenging. Yet, in an evolving marketplace, standing still is like moving backwards, so it’s important to look at how you can move forward with green initiatives.

Keep in mind that we are at the mercy of the technology. The currently available materials don’t work for every application, but they work for most. These technologies and materials are evolving, improving and becoming more cost-efficient. Even with these limitations, nearly all of our clients can incorporate “green” labels to some degree.

Adopting green initiatives may best be implemented in stages. Either way, work with a socially responsible printer who values caring for the environment. Then, when you’re ready to take your green initiatives further, your printer will understand your needs and make a smooth transition. In the interim, you can feel great about working with a business that makes green initiatives a priority. That label printer is Gallas.

Talk to us about how you may be able to take steps to migrate to green initiatives while retaining your margins and preserving brand recognition.

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