Gallas Label and Decal

Graphic Overlays for Clear, Long-lasting Messages

Press Here…Start/Stop…Restricted Area. Graphic overlays are your product’s warning system and safety device. They also protect your company and customers from risk. Use a graphic overlay to scream a safety message, convey instructions or protect your product. That’s why you don’t want them to fade, wear or tear. These overlays can be used for:

  • Operating instructions
  • Safety warnings
  • Protective seals around electronic controls
  • Nameplates.

Medical equipment, technology, military and aerospace fields, etc.—which are popular applications. You can also be creative with colors and shapes, special die cuts with windows or zoned adhesive areas, so information stands out and is easy to read.

Call us to learn how your labels can endure grit, sunlight and extreme environments.




Materials: Clear Gloss Lexan
Colors: PMS 408-414 + PMS Cool Gray 2 C + Black + UV Select Textured Varnish
Market: Industrial





Materials: Clear Gloss Lexan +
Clear Anti-Graffiti Laminate
Colors: PMS 134-200-2727 + Black + White
Market: Government/Transit






Material: Clear Velvet Lexan
Colors: PMS 266 + Black + White
Market: Industrial


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