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Green Labels Now Exude Style

You can achieve a sophisticated look with green labels. Green choices are evolving, which helps assure you won’t compromise your brand’s energy, sophistication or vibrant look.

Green Stock

Eco-friendly stocks not only preserve trees, they reduce waste throughout the manufacturing process—which means savings. In addition, many types of paper, tags or film substrates can contain 10 to 100 percent recycled content. These stocks can be polyester, direct thermal, matte litho, laser sheet material, tag stock, semi-gloss paper, wine label stock and more—not exactly your daddy’s recycled paper.

Don’t forget about the liner! The liner of the material is disposed of immediately and there are two eco-friendly options: renewable and post consumer waste (PCW). Renewable materials, such as bamboo, which is harvested in months instead of years, can be replenished faster than they’re consumed. Likewise, innovative “bio-plastics” are made from corn. PCW means that the material is waste paper or film that is separated from solid waste. Then, it can be recycled and reused. These include natural Kraft paper liners and PET (polyester film) liners rather than bleached paper liners.
Natural Kraft liner offers these advantages:

  • Performance is equivalent and proven
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduced waste and water emissions
  • Natural pulping generates higher fiber yields
  • Silicone-coated Kraft can be recycled.

PET (film) liner leverages:

  • Superior performance
  • Higher press and dispensing speeds
  • High strength for less web breaks, downtime and waste
  • Thinner (less) material
  • More labels on a roll, less rolls on a truck, less weight, freight, fuel—and you get the picture
  • Recyclability.

Green UV Inks

At Gallas, inks used for eco-friendly labels are UV inks, which do not emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or dangerous heavy metals. Unlike water-based or solvent inks that use hot air to cure, UV inks rely on UV light. This makes them an eco-friendly alternative. 
Next time you order printing, ask for UV inks. Not only will you have peace of mind that you’re helping the environment, the print quality will be superior as well.  These are smart steps toward shrinking your carbon footprint.

Talk to us about how you can be green without compromising your quality look.

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