Gallas Label and Decal

Double-sided Window Decals Show Your Message Coming and Going

When a clear surface—such as a window or door—needs a clear message on both sides, you need double-sided window decals. At Gallas, we can print the same or different messages on either side with an opaque barrier in between. Use full color. Add the best adhesive for your application. Tell us about your double-sided window decal needs.

We’ll help resolve the details—without the doubletalk!



Materials: Clear Vinyl + White PP Barrier +
Clear PP Laminate
Colors: CMYK over CMYK
Market: Point-of-Purchase (POP)




Material: Clear Vinyl + White PP Barrier
Colors: PMS 197-7506-Warm Gray 11 over
PMS 197-7506-Warm Gray 11
Market: Point-of-Purchase (POP)


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