Gallas Label and Decal

Polyurethane Doming—3D without the Funny Glasses

Want to stand out? Domed decals flaunt a polyurethane coating that creates a 3D effect—which gets attention. They’re durable and can withstand indoor and outdoor environments. Minor scratches or cuts “heal,” with Terminator-like traits that make your label renew surface quality. Domed decals are perfect for branding tools, appliances, electronics, computers and other durable goods.

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Material: White Vinyl
Colors: PMS 165-285 + Polyurethane Domed
Market: Electronic



Material: White Vinyl
Colors: PMS 144-165 + PMS Cool Gray 10
Market: Financial








Material: Bright Silver Polyester
Colors: PMS 185 + Polyurethane Domed
Market: Point-of-Purchase


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