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Adhesives—Make Your Message Stick

Material_-_Paper_(3)There’s nothing better than having the right adhesive to solve your sticky situation. With Gallas, you’ll find options. From permanent labels on golf clubs to removable window decals, peruse this list and you’ll find an adhesive you can stick with. We also offer custom adhesives. In addition, our on-site lab ensures we can test for quality adhesion. Plus, our adhesives can be environmentally friendly and solvent-free—without ever sacrificing performance.

Contact us about your situation.  We’ll find the solution that sticks. 

Permanent Adhesive

Just like it sounds, permanent means your sticky label stays stuck. Use permanent adhesive for any labelstock we offer—wherever you want uncompromising permanence. These adhesives can be coated to all paper and film substrates we use. Ask us about your application.

Removable/Low-tack Adhesive

When you want the flexibility of removing a label “whenever,” order up removable adhesive. This bonding agent can be peeled off anytime. It also manages rough or curved substrates and offers clarity and UV-stability.

All-temperature/Deep-freeze Adhesive

Packing frozen meat? Manufacturing snow blowers? Whenever your label needs to withstand the icy temps, we have labels that can handle it. So chill! 

Microspheric Adhesive

When you’re looking for an adhesive that’s always repositionable, enter the microsphere! This adhesive is the solution for:

  • Direct mail
  • Newspapers   
  • Page flags
  • Temporary signage
  • Wall graphics and so much more.

The label won’t leave unsightly residue when removed. Nice!

Specialty Adhesives

Don’t see your adhesive in this list? If you need a special adhesive, talk to us. Plus, Gallas’ lab is a great testing ground to ensure you get the performance you want. 

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