Gallas Label and Decal

Security/Brand Protection, a Secret Weapon against Counterfeiters

Building a brand is pricey—and counterfeit products can compromise your investment.  In fact, the World Customs Organization estimates that up to seven percent of all world trade may be counterfeit. That’s why a proactive approach to protecting your brand with security measures is important—and luckily, a fraction of the cost.

Protection can be tailor-made to your product and enhance appearance. These security features can be eye-catching to ensure a clear distinction from rival products. You can also use methods that are invisible to the naked eye in order to detect authenticity. Deter counterfeiters with economical, versatile, attractive, overt or covert and forensic security features.

Overt methods, such as watermarks, holograms, tactile effects and iridescent inks are easy to see by sales staff or the buyer. Likewise, they can be noticed and copied by counterfeiters.

Covert measures, on the other hand, may require a tool to detect and read the invisible technology.  These may include fluorescent markers, infrared inks, phosphorescent markers and tamperproof labels.  Although more difficult to copy, advanced counterfeiters can also detect and reproduce them.

Forensic tactics require special lab equipment to recognize and are difficult to replicate. These measures may include taggants, chemical agents or biological DNA. Forensic tactics may be the determining factor in identifying copies, and the special equipment means they can’t be authenticated while being distributed.

Each approach offers benefits. However, a powerful level of security combines technologies. Add them to your labels’ substrates, adhesives, printed inks and varnishes.

Gallas can provide:

  • DNA labels
  • Encrypted data
  • Forensic coding
  • Hidden images
  • Mircrotext as small as 0.7 point type (0.0007 inches)
  • Security holograms, custom or stock
  • Taggants
  • Tamper-indicating features
  • Thermochromic ink, iridescent and specialized security inks.

Call us for the specifics on which security feature best protects your product and brand identity.

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