Gallas Label and Decal

Texture Flexible Die Makes Labels Come to Life!

Think chemical milling. Then think luxury surfaces. There are many ways to add texture to your labels. A flexible die achieves the distinctive look that compels customers to pick up luxury. Using an advanced process, thin lines, crease lines and textures are produced to alter/deboss materials. You can design patterns to suit your specific needs. Whether using a standard semi-gloss paper or foiled paper, textured flexible dies perform best on pressure sensitive paper stock. This technology is awesome for:

  • Distinction at a lower cost
  • A 'tactile' feel that inspires consumers to “touch” your product
  • Custom and generic lineal designs, including creases
  • A wide choice of paper and card stock substrates
  • Holding down costs because one die can be used
  • Reinforcing brand protection.

[Click here for a PDF of stock textured die patterns]

When you want texture—for wine/spirits, food, consumer products, identification, product markings and more—call Gallas.

Add texture to any paper label material for a luxurious appeal.


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