Gallas Label and Decal

Spot Varnish—Subtle Sheen for a Spot-on Impression

Show off your products with eye-catching richness. Let your label shine. Make water appear to be real. A spot varnish is used to highlight a specific area of the printed image. For example, just spot varnish your logo or an image of water on a label. The sheen dresses up your packaging. It catches the eye and adds richness.

Spot varnish can also have a mechanical benefit. Because a wrap-around label typically does not stick to varnish if the label wraps around itself, we can spot varnish part of the label and leave the other end varnish-free so adhesion can occur.

Accent your label with gloss, matte, pearlescent or foaming varnishes. This touch of decadence rarely comes this easily—and consumers will take a second look!

Materials: Semi-Gloss Paper + Rainbow Foil
Colors: CMYK + UV Foaming Varnish
Market: Spirits


Material: White Matte Litho Wet-Strength
Colors: CMYK + PMS 431- 877-7499U +
UV Matte Varnish + UV Rotary Screen Tactile Varnish
Market: Spirits




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