Gallas Label and Decal

Unsupported Film Supports All-around Clarity—and Recycling

With Gallas’ unsupported film, you’ll see a difference all around, and with 360° labels, your customers will too. Our advanced equipment and technology delivers the clearest images possible. Unsupported film is also a great choice for pouches, sample packets and other flexible packaging often used in the cosmetics, skincare and food industries.
Shrink film:

  • Achieves more visibility on the shelf with 360-degree coverage
  • Shrinks up to 40%
  • Conforms to containers of varied shapes
  • Attains high quality with UV printing
  • Appropriate for products in diverse markets
  • Enables transparency for reverse printed graphics.

When it comes to being eco-friendly, our unsupported film is designed for recyclability and its low density assures the label and adhesive separate from the recyclable stream. Plus, our presses are equipped with chill rolls to maintain consistent substrate temperatures—for start-to-finish perfection.

There’s more to discover about our unsupported film capabilities, so give us a call and we’ll wrap it up.


Material: White Polyethylene
Colors: CMYK + UV Varnish
Market: Point-of-Purchase/Horticulture





Material: White Polylith
Colors: PMS 871-7506-7564-Cool Gray 10 +
Black + UV Varnish
Market: Point-of Purchase/Spirits


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