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An Authorized Supplier Providing Custom UL Label Printing

We can provide a custom designed label with the official UL Mark so that your products are properly designed to meet UL's specifications for UL labels. We even have many different options for UL label printing on different materials/substrates, sizes and approved colors for the label. We ensure that your UL label looks great and is fully integrated with the rest of the labeling on your products. The official UL Mark cannot be used on every label, and every label company cannot produce UL labels. In fact, UL label printers and UL label printing are only available from authorized suppliers, like Gallas Label and Decal.

If you already have a label design you’d like to use, and you simply need to incorporate the official UL Mark, we can provide UL decal printing for you. We will get the approval from UL’s LabelCenter quickly, because we have been working with them for years to create labels for products from across different industries. The options available are designed to be easy to work with, and our presses for UL labels are awaiting your approval. If you’d prefer to let our prepress department design your UL label, then we can create the necessary artwork work for you and get it over to UL’s LabelCenter for a speedy approval.

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Options and Specs

Of the approved UL label printing options, we can recommend the color that makes the most sense for you or you can choose your own preferred option. Below are some of the choices you will need to consider before making your order.

  • Which laminate film do you prefer: gloss, matte or textured?
  • Which base polyester film do you prefer: clear, white, brushed silver, chrome silver or matte silver?
  • Which approved UL label construction do you need? (We have approval for more than 50 UL, UL-C label constructions).*
  • Do you prefer UV or WB ink systems?
  • What environment will this UL label need to function in?

In addition, we provide high quality standards for all our labels, including:

  • Permanent adhesives for optimal durability
  • Resistant to chemical and environmental factors which may degrade labels
  • Indoor and outdoor safe and durable
  • The approved UL product category will be clearly printed.

Gallas Label and Decal is the go-to UL decal printer for anyone who wants top quality UL label printing quickly, efficiently, and with great options and results. Contact Gallas Label today if you have questions that aren't answered on our web site, or if you are ready to order your UL decals from Gallas.

*For more details, feel free to download the PDF containing the full list of UL label printing construction options.

[UL Construction List PDF]

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