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Custom Cosmetic Labels

Custom cosmetic labels must be designed and integrated into the packaging of the product line. Often times the label on the product could be a sole reason behind a purchase. As a premier cosmetic label printer, we understand the necessary requirements to make cosmetic labels look grand on your product. The latest trend in cosmetic labeling is to have a label that is seamless with the rest of the product packaging. Our “No-label Look”, creates that sleek look to our cosmetic label printing projects. You have seen this type of label construction used on products in your shower, in your medicine cabinet and even your purse. Are you starting a new line of cosmetics? Or do you want to improve or update the look of your current cosmetic labels? We have the experience and resources to make your cosmetic products stand out on the shelf with curb appeal. 74% of all decisions are made within the retail store, so we want to ensure that your product gets noticed in such an intensely competitive marketplace.

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High End Cosmetic Label Printing

Gallas Label and Decal has been in the custom cosmetic label and printing business for more than 65 years. From your grandmother’s blush to your daughter’s lip gloss we have seen it all. We have seen the trends change in labeling, technologies available and also special added features that can even add a tactile feel to your labels; which makes your customer base want to reach out and feel your product. The cleanest trend is one towards a label that is seamless in the sense that it looks painted on and the material is ultra clear. It is a clean and timeless look and resonates well with all consumers. We have the experience to produce your cosmetic labels to the highest retail standards as they have to be when the average person sees 3,500 – 5,000 messages a day; will your product stick out in their mind? Let’s work together and make that happen.

"No-label Look" Custom Labels

The reason that our stylish and nearly undetectable edge cosmetic labels can achieve a "No-label Look" is because we use only the highest quality components to create the labels. Not just any clear label material will work for this application. We also have special materials that will conform to squeezable tubes and act as a second skin for the product; all without ever wrinkling or peeling. Our completely invisible adhesives make labels appear completely clear without any haze, cloudiness or air bubbles. The look is achieved with special attention toward the direct application onto your packaging, so that each custom cosmetic label looks printed directly onto your product rather than added as a label or decal later. Our "No-label Look" labels are always pressure-sensitive and can be designed for auto or hand application on numerous cosmetic packaging applications.

Fully Customizable for a Unique and Stunning Look

Whatever your needs may be for a custom cosmetic label printer, just ask to speak with one of our label specialists. If you love the idea of the "No-label Look", we can help you to create a modern label that looks like it’s been printed directly onto your packaging. Or if you prefer something more edgy and want colorful or funky custom cosmetic labels, we can work with you to create the perfect labels for each product, developing a signature brand with custom cosmetic label printing. Let's meet today and create a strategy for your labeling. Gallas Label and Decal is ready to take your product from conception to completion.

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