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Custom labels give your products and brand a professional look and feel. The perceptions that consumers have of your company and its products are developed quickly and usually the custom label is where these emotional perceptions are derived from. Within moments of seeing your product, your audience has decided how they feel about it and whether they are interested in making the purchase. Statistically speaking only 3 out of 10 customers actually know the product that they are going to buy when they walk into the store. This leaves 70% of consumers to make a purchasing decision within a store. More often than not, the custom label on that product is the deciding factor. How are you ensuring that the label on your product is creating enough shelf power in a very crowded marketplace to result in a purchase?

Custom Labels to Enhance Your Product

Custom labels are an incredibly effective way to create an image of quality and desirability for your products. Our Chicago custom label printing capabilities enable us to produce the most effective custom labels for each product line to ensure the maximum impact of your product design on a particular target market. The way your brand is perceived by your customer base is heavily influenced by the visual aesthetics of your products. Therefore, all of our custom labels are specifically designed to enhance your product according to the type of product, the demographic that you are targeting and the brand image that you would like to create or maintain.

Unprofessional labels can cause products not to receive the same attention as products that have a clean, straightforward look with professionally crafted labels. Whether you are thinking of purchasing custom labels for a product you currently sell and want to update, or if you are just starting out and want to launch your product with the best possible chances of success, Gallas Label & Decal is the place to start. Our custom label experts have experience assisting startups all the way to well established corporations. We also have experience in working closely with your designers from even the conception stage so that they are aware of all the value added features and enhancements that can be added to your custom labels.

On a technical level, we also ensure that we are using a proper material and adhesive for your custom labels given the particular environment, variations in temperature, humidity and surface energy. Pressure sensitive labels can adhere permanently or even temporarily if need be. Some pressure sensitive labels are even repositionable after an initial application; which enables you to reapply a misapplied label. This definitely could never be achieved with other types of decorating technologies. Whether your custom label is going to be applied to paper, plastic, glass, metal, wood, textiles, indoors or outdoors; we guarantee that our labels will hold up throughout their useful life.

If a modern look that stands out from the competition on the shelf is what you want to achieve, then our custom label experts can work with you to produce something truly eye-catching. We can even help you to turn your existing label into a sleek and contemporary “No-Label” Look, so it appears that the text and images were printed right onto the product; giving it a sleek painted on look. These ultra clear pressure sensitive labels with no visible edges will even highlight the contents of the package directly through the container and the label. In the beverage industry particularly, these clear labels have rapidly been replacing the traditional paper labels that has reinforced the sophisticated and fashionable brand image of upscale beverage companies. With a wide range of custom label substrates and options, you’ll find style and functionality that suits your needs.

Successful companies rely on a clean, seamless look for their labeling. At Gallas Label & Decal, we can make sure that the products you sell look and feel like the top shelf products that they are. Your brand will benefit from our custom labels, and we are ready to put the finishing touches on your unique design and get your product noticed by consumers. We are always interested in the goals for your particular custom label project prior to printing to ensure that the label embodies what you want to project. We offer many types of print technologies for your custom pressure sensitive labeling needs, such as; aqueous and UV flexographic printing, UV rotary and UV flatbed screen printing, UV combination printing and digital printing. To make the most of your opportunity to sell a quality product, be sure to put a custom label on it that gives your product line a professional and consistent look.

For more information about the various materials, enhancements, processes, technologies and options in custom labels from Gallas Label & Decal, explore our website and call us to speak with a custom label expert today!

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